SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of October 13

It feels great to be back in business and out diving the Sea of Cortez.  And the visitors are returning to Cabo and there are a lot of them enjoying the diving with Amigos Del Mar.  Every day we get more phone calls from the hotels, more dive sessions in the pools and even more people who want to go diving.  Even the staff are getting into the act!  Today they scheduled a FUN DIVE for the staff.  They get their early, grab their gear and tanks, load up the Amigo Tres and then head out for a dive site.  Today they picked Pelican Rock so they could check out the pair of white tipped reef sharks.  If you haven’t seen them – check out our facebook post from Friday.

The water is still very warm – low eighties and the visibility is improving every day.  It is sixty feet plus.  Each day we are diving just keeps getting better.

Support Cabo San Lucas with your presence.  It is a great time to be down here. The occupancy may be low but the service is better than great!!!!

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of October 6 – later in the week

The Amigos Tres headed out on Friday with a special charter.  I decided it was time to GET WET again.  And I invted along a friend.  This dive trip served to remind me of what a great crew on the Amigo Tres and at Amigos Del Mar.  Nedel  is just a terrific captain and incredibly helpful with the divers!  And Luis is a very attentive divemaster.  He was incredibly patient with my friend and took the time to make sure she was comfortable during the descent – because it had been 5 or 6 years since she had last been in the water.

Our first dive was at Neptune’s Finger and we got to see two white tipped reef sharks!  Yes – two of them right in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park.  And there were all the usual subjects – plus a gigantic bump headed parrot fish in all his glorious colors.

We then did the Odile tour.  Cabo lost a lot of beach on the marina side of the mountain – Lovers Beach is a pretty small landing patch right now.  But when we headed up the Pacific side – boy…..the devastation.  BUT – the work that has been accomplished is phenomenal.  And they just keep at it – latest opening date is predicted to be November 30, with most of them back in business even earlier than that.  And we got to check out Manchas’ final resting spot from the ocean side.

Our second dive was at The Point and that was where we had the real shock.  The Point was always a 65 feet deep dive – because that was where the sand started.  It is now an 85 foot dive and you can actually see the old shipwreck.  OMG!!!! I could not believe it – 20 feet of sand removed from the bottom of the ocean.

I can’t wait to see what else is out there for all of us lucky divers to discover.

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of October 6

Amigos Del Mar is opening its doors every day.  Instructors are back in the hotel pools giving Discover Scuba lessons, the Amigo Tres is in the water and Amigos Del Mar is taking out divers.  The hotels have a low occupancy rate this first week – but our hats are off to Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco- because they too are open for business.  And it looks like next week is really going to pick up.

The water is pretty fantastic!  The fish are still down there and the fans and vegetation did not get washed away.  The Amigos dive guides and instructors still need to hunt up the seahorses.  They homes were relocated to a different part of the bay and we need to send out the welcome wagon and search out the new hiding places.

Cabo is coming back to life.  The first international flight arrives Wednesday.  Everybody in Cabo is looking forward to the tourists coming back to visit our fabulous location, our beautiful beaches and our fantastic resort.

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of September 29

So we have shoveled glass, pulled out trees by the roots – actually that is a REALLY tough job, cleaned up debris, squeegeed water from tile floors, got cisterns working, hunted down potable water, stood in line for gasoline.  You name it and one of the staff of Amigos Del Mar has probably done it.  They were heros… their actions and in their attitudes.  Never once did we hear a…this is too hard…..this is not part of my job description…..why do I have to do this kind of work.  What we heard was – THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US WORKING.  We couldn’t ask for a better group.

But it is time to get back to the business of diving.  So there are no customers or even tourists in Cabo San Lucas.  We are notgoing to let that stop us.  We are spiffing up the boats, doing maintenance on the equipment and tanks, cleaning the store – you name it; we were doing whatever it took.

One thing we had to address was that the dock space for the three dive boats was demolished.  And I do mean demolished.  So the hunt was on for a dock space for at least one of the boats.  Amigo Tres came through without a speck of damage – so she would be in the water first.  Ad finally – success.  We found an available space.  But all of a sudden the price started climbing – yes, we did find one person that was doing the price-gouging game.  So we said no thanks and kept on looking.

And we did find one and Amigo Tres is back in the water.

Ironically – our first paying clients were commercial divers.  They needed to check out the intake valve of a desal operation in the Corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.  The truck was still stuck on the roof of the Gali Plaza, so we loaded up Shaggy’s car with equipment and sent him off to Chileno to lead the dive for the commercial divers.


And nobody takes out our dive equipment with an Amigos Del Mar staff member leading the dive.

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of September 22

It is one week post-Odile and we are slogging along.  We did have one moment that made all of us – Kevin and I and every staff member of Amigos Del Mar – stop and take a moment.  Manchas the dive dog finally got to the point where we had to take that drastic step.  Manchas had been at Amigos Del Mar for 14 1/2 years.  She was a fixture at the scuba center and went to work almost every day.  She was just a part-time dive dog, because she left for home e3very day about 100 pm – siesta time in Cabo San Lucas.

On Saturday we went for the vet and he came to the house to attend to Manchas.  We then took her to the Pedregal Beach and she is now resting there.  She has a fabulous view of the Pacific and is resting next to her friend Bosun.  It was a very sad moment for kevin and I….and for all of the Amigos Del Mar family.  But Amigos Del Mar still has Gringo and Rica to remind us that there are still dive dogs out there.

One high point of this week – beside being open for business – was that we got electricity.  You cannot imagine what that is like….or how it feels when you lose it or three or four more days.  But it is back and it seems like it is here to stay.

There are other heros in Cabo San Lucas – besides our great staff of dive instructors, dive guides and captains.

The federal government sent in the gendarmeries and the marines.  OMG! – are we safe or what.  They have restored order and sanity to Cabo San Lucas – who very briefly experienced a bit of chaos.  We hope they never leave.  And the workers of CFE – which is the electric company.  Hundreds of people working around the clock to restore electricity to Cabo San Lucas.  They were beyond amazing!

Thanks to all the people – local and otherwise – who have pitched in to help out the folks in Cabo San Lucas.

And now it is time to go scuba diving – we have been open for business for a week!

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of September 15 – Later in the Week

Here we are in Cabo – without electricity, without gasoline, with the food in or refrigerators and homes, without propane.  But, by God, we had telephone, cell service and internet.  That is….you had telephone service if you had a slimline phone.  If you’re phone plugged into the electric to charge the battery – then you were out of luck.  If you had a smart phone with a data plan – then you could get on-line.  Until your battery went dead.

So we two lost a lot of their windows.  But at least they could communicate and get on-the-spot info and updates.  So I dug out the old slimline from the bodega and started calling the neighbors to give them the good news.  Two had no damage and two lost a lot of windows.  But at least they had updates and on-the-spot info.  That was more than most.  I am afraid to see my Telmex bill.

So how did we do.  Odile blew the terrace doors about 1000 pm.  And we ran upstairs and held them close….and closed….and closed.  It was actually a hard fought battle – but we won.  Odile will claim we cheated because we kept throwing furniture in between us and the doors.  But we beat Odile.  So what does that mean – we did not lose everything in the upstairs of our home.  So the three hour battle was worth it.

And how did our employees do…..we went from one with no damage whatsoever!  and one who lost their home!!  But we are ALL slowly pulling ourselves back together.  And prepearing ourselves to get back in the business of SCUBA DIVING.  Sea of Cortez – here we come.


SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of September 15

On September 14 – Cabo San Lucas was paid a visit by Hurricane Odile.  It was a direct hit by a class 3 hurricane.  Many say that it downgraded from a class 4 right before it got here.  We really don’t care what it was because it was bad.

So the dive store was safe and secure.  It took on a little water but there was no damage.  Except to the building that we are in.  Plaza Gali took a hit on the marina side.  Some glass was lost in a few spaces.  But worst for us is that the car elevator was badly damaged.  And – oh no – we had our little black truck up there.  In hindsight – DUH!  It took 17 days – but we finally got it back.  It now lives at the house with us.

We had pulled the Amigo Dos and the Amigo Tres on Friday.  And then the Amigo Uno on Saturday.  We didn’t stop, think, review, consider – we get our boats out of the water when a hurricane is headed our way.  And a good thing – because our part of the marina was destroyed.  But our boats suffered minimal damage.

Monday was regroup day.  Kevin and I drove down to the Pedregal beach to view the damage – and it was bad.  All but one of the beachfront multi-million dollar homes had significant damage.  Odile ripped off hurricane shutters and then took out windows.  One house had the stairs to the beach ripped off of the house and were nowhere to be found.  And the beach itself was about 30 – 40 feet smaller than it started out.

Then we drove past the store and breathed a huge sigh of relief – no damage.

And then through town -we were actually looking for coffee because electricity was something we would all learn to live about.

But on the Tuesday – Amigos Del Mar was open for business.  No, we did not have customers – BUT WE WERE OPEN FOR BUSINESS – time to go scuba diving

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – week of september 8

Hello Again it is Jon from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Nasty weather coming by, hurricane Odile seem to be one of the biggest hurricanes we will get close to us in several years.

Diving will be closed for few days, we are canceling our Scuba Classes in the pool due the weather, remember we will love to take your significant other diving of relatives when you are on vacation in Cabo. Amigos del mar introduces people to the underwater world on daily basis. give it a try, i would.

We had to pull all three boats to ensure that the most comfortable dive boats in Cabo are up and running after hurricane Odile passes by us.

We should be back in the water by wednesday 17 of september low visibility might be spectated but you never know, tropical storms are a blessing,bringing water to a very desert like environment but also a curse, letting lots of local families with out their daily income.

Mother nature Respect and Love. i though on that. When you dive, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.


SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – week of september 1st.

Rainy season in Cabo San Lucas.

hurricane norbert pass by us brought little bit of rain. no biggy for the diving. Amigos del mar kept his doors open for people walking by to ask about lessons and tours.

This past week we have been Scuba and water conditions have been improving, after the rain.

Normally Jane type this but this time i got to do it hope you enjoy reading it as much as is enjoyed typing it.

Have good day

Remember a bad day of diving beats a good day in the office!


SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of August 25

So here we are talking about the weather – again.  Marie is well off shore but still we see the effects way over here in the Sea of Cortez.  The surge around Pleican Rock, Neptune’s Finger and the Point is pretty unbelievable. Marie also makes Cabo Pulmo and Gordo Banks a definite no-go.

So what do we do when a hurricane is off-shore or headed our way.  We used Marie as a reason to practice basic boat evacuation.  e check our trailer – especially the tires – and head down to the marina.  We always carry a tank of air in case we need a quick tire refill.  The Amigo Dos ususally comes first….out of the marina, onto the trailer, then off to vacation in Pedregal – just like a lot of you tourists.  Then next comes the Amigo Tres – also vacationing in Pedregal – because it is close and that is where we live.  So we can.

The Amigo Uno is a bigger decision because it is a larger and much heavier boat.  The surge was so high, we chose to pull it as well.  The Uno goes into the Pedregal park because we don’t want to haul it up the hill.

Then during the bad weather, we take the opportunity to clean the bottoms and any mechanical work that needs to be done.  And then we reverse the process and they all head back to the marina.  So now we are set to go the next time there is a major storm headed our way.

So now we are back to the business of diving!