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Phone from the US: 513-898-0547

Phone from Mexico: 624-143-0505 or cell 624-358-2178


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Blvd marina s/n plaza galicota local 53 y 54

Col Centro, Cabo San Lucas

Baja California Sur, Mexico. C.P. 23450.


  1. Hi my name is Chris Turner from The Ring Finders
    I checking to see if you know anyone with a metal detector that can help a young lady who’s ring was lost on the beach in Cabo.

    If you know anyone that can help I’ll put you in touch with the lady and she can give you the details…She is offering a reward for the recovery & return of the ring.

    Thanks for your help!

    Chris Turner

  2. hello,

    for the snorkel tour-

    provide round trip to & from ship dock
    how long to get there
    snorkel time in water
    do you provide snorkel gears (goggles, safety vest, etc.)
    will the be a guide with each party


  3. Hi,

    Me and my wife are planning to visit los Cabos in October-November. We bare certified divers and would like to dive few days.

    Where can we dive? What would you recommend?

    Brad and Julia

  4. I would like to do my open water referral certification with you May 28 and 29. Do you have room for me? Also what kind of scuba classes do you have for my boyfriend? He has done drift dives, sunken ships, sunken planes and has gone as deep as 152 feet. He would like to dive while I am getting certified. Please let me know your rates and availability. Thanks! Julie

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