The Enriched Air Diving Certification is a 3-hour special training and certification course for certified divers who plan to use enriched air tanks on extended dives. Considered as the most popular specialty scuba lesson, the PADI or SSI Enriched Air Diving Certification equips you with the following theories to help you acquire deeper diving qualifications:

1. Enriched air dive planning techniques
2. Management of oxygen enriched air dive planning techniques
3. Management of exposure both oxygen toxicity and oxygen tracking
4. Enriched air diving equipment considerations
5. Gas analysis
6. Enriched Air blending

We maintain a class size of up to a maximum of 8 students per PADI-certified or SSI-certified instructor to ensure that each participant masters all the lessons. Take note that this course only involves practical application and no actual dive is needed to get certified.

At the end of the program, you will be able to dive with 22% - 40% enriched oxygen so that you can spend longer time underwater. The allowable depth limit changes according to the oxygen on the blend.

What to bring with you
We highly recommend that you bring any valid ID and comfortable swimwear with you on the day of the scuba lesson.

Price: $215.00

(+ tax)