This scuba diving lesson is just what you need if you want to enhance your knowledge and skills, as well as build more confidence to explore deeper and more challenging dive sites. The course syllabus includes 2 mandatory dives (Deep and Navigation) plus 3 electives based on your personal preferences (choices: Fish ID, UW Photography, Search and Recovery, UW naturalist, Drift, Boat, Night, etc.).

During training, you will learn how to navigate more precisely over a longer distance which is an important skill especially at night or when there is poor visibility. It can also be a life-saving skill in case you get separated from your buddy or group. We will also safely expose you to deeper depths to let you experience the physical effects of deep diving and how to properly use your gear in such environments. The electives or specialist dives will give you the opportunity to discover your interests and focus on a certain set of skills. For safety purposes and to ensure you get personalized attention, we usually handle an average of 3 students per 

SSI-certified instructor but we allow a maximum of 6 students in this course.

You can finish the program in 2-3 consecutive days but you have the option to take the succeeding sessions on a later date as long as it is within 1 year of the first one. We can arrange the schedule based on your convenience, just let us know.

Upon fulfilling the course requirements, you will receive a license from SSI stating you're qualified to descend up to a maximum depth of 100 feet (30 meters). You will also be qualified and skilled enough to dive at night or unravel sunken wrecks.

What to bring with you
We highly recommend that you bring any valid ID and comfortable swimwear with you on the day of the scuba lesson.

Dive location
We will take you on a boat dive to a local dive spot which may include any of the Sea of Cortez dive areas and reefs along the coast from Cabeza de Ballena and up to Chileno Bay. These dive havens feature pristine reefs, incredible rock formations, and winding canyons.

What you can expect to see
Our local dive spots and Across the Bay are teeming with local reef species including colorful tropical fish, big pelagic fish, turtles, sharks, invertebrates, and different species of rays (stingrays, eagle rays, bat rays). Whale sharks are also known to visit these waters and there’s a chance you may encounter them.

Price: $450.00

(+ tax)