''An experience unlike any other: hundreds of mobula rays elegantly flapping their wings and swimming alongside each other in mesmerizing circles.''

Cabo is the world’s premium destination for sighting large (or in many cases, truly gigantic) schools of Mobula Rays.

These rays aren't just a treasure to see underwater, they're also quite acrobatic fishes that can leap high into the air as well!

The largest schools in the world, sometimes exceed 10.000 individuals! They are closely related to the Manta Ray ... in fact they have recently even been reclassified as a single genus (meaning they have very common characteristics)!

Did you realize that you can see this spectacle now with Nautilus Dive Adventures first-hand?

If you’re interested in seeing these majestic creatures, you should head to Los Cabos (Mexico’s Baja California Sur) and join us from May 25th until Mid July on a daily experience to go snorkelling, or freediving with these playful Mobulas that congrate here on their annual migrations!

These animals have different behaviours during the day, that's why we got ready for you different schedules to get the most of it!

We will be the first ones out there in our early morning experience! Just us and the Mobulas, an intimate approach that won't live you indifferent!

For the ones that had a late night dinner we will have a morning experience, perfect to see how the rays of the sun go through this big schools while they move around the coastline, and sometimes having mating behaviours!

And for the more romantic ones, the afternoon- sunset experience, when Mobulas normally return to the Bay having a crazy acrobatic behaviour!

They are seasonal visitors to this area because they prefer moderate sea temperatures and thus generally visit Baja around the time of the seasonal water temperature change in May-July. So now is the time to come get a glimpse of these amazing, flying creatures!

Price: $85.00

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