Across the Bay Dive Overview

Go on an exciting diving excursion at several interesting dive spots along the Sea of Cortez. Experience drift dives with depths of 80-90 feet on the initial dive and 50-60 feet on the second dive. Enjoy the sensation of being weightless and drifting in the water. Across The Bay sites are our specialty and include trips to the more remote Sea of Cortez dive sites and reefs located along the coast from Cabeza de Ballena up past Chileno Bay.

Operation: Daily

Departure: 9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm

Requirements: Good physical health, Must be certified for this dive, 2 person minimum per trip

Trip Details
Amigos Del Mar has been exploring this area since 1999. Our exploration has led to the discovery of about 20 new dive sites that we have named “Across the Bay”. These remote dive spots are characterized by pristine and untouched reefs.

Our Across the Bay adventure dive features distinct sites such as Twin Dolphins Reef, the Blowhole, Chileno Bay, Barco Varado, and Los Morros. We take divers to these remote sites on a regular basis, unlike other dive operations.

We invite you to discover these exclusive Sea of Cortez dive sites where you can see amazing rock formations and winding canyons. You might spot nurse sharks and guitarfish living near walls enveloped in gorgonians. If you’re lucky, you can encounter a bat ray or eagle ray gliding in the waters. Manta rays and whale sharks are also known to visit the area.

Price: US $105

Boat charter
Guides & divemaster


----- Optional Extras -----

Dive computer - US $30
Digital camera - US $45
Scuba equipment - US $8 per piece
Air fills - US $5
Nitrox  - US $10 per tank

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