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Every season offers something new to discover when you are under the water. The fall season may be one of the best times to dive in the Sea of Cortez, but Amigos Del Mar wants to remind you that the winter season offers you a unique opportunity to experience something truly special during your stay in Cabo San Lucas. Amigos Del Mar is offering the Winter Dive Specials to introduce you to the wonders of the Sea of Cortez during the winter season.

Non-certified divers: US $260
Beginner or non-certified divers: US $280

Operation: Daily

Departure: 9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:00pm

Requirements: Good physical health

Package Details
The Sea of Cortez features fascinating coral reefs which savor the protection from heavy currents. This rich marine world is a haven for jacks, tuna, wahoo, groupers, snappers, and more fish species. These waters also serve as a natural habitat for eels, dolphins, rays, and sharks. When the season is right, you might encounter whale sharks and silky sharks. It is also teeming with nudibranchs and small creatures like shellfish, shrimps, and crabs.

Spend the first day exploring pristine reefs teeming with diverse marine life. The local dive site that we visit is full of plankton which attracts a smorgasbord of marine creatures. Divers have the chance to encounter giant groupers, schools of red snapper, grunts, electric rays, stingrays, guitarfishes, as well as the huge variety of tropical fish that we have year round.

On day two, you'll get the chance to swim up close with whale sharks in La Paz. Although these gentle giants are the biggest fish in the world, it feeds on tiny living organisms known as plankton. This filter feeder uses its enormous mouth (up to 4 feet wide) to ingest clouds of plankton as it swims through the Sea of Cortez.

We have seen whale sharks up to 50 feet in length but the average is around 20-30 feet. The females are larger than males, with some weighing up to 15 tons. Their sheer size makes them royalties of the ocean. While we have encountered whale sharks on all of our dive sites, the most likely time and place to swim with these gentle giants is on our weekly Whale Shark Trips to La Paz – which we run from October thru March.

Price: US $280

Boat charter
Guides & divemaster

----- Optional Extras -----

Dive computer - US $30
Digital camera - US $45
Scuba equipment - US $8 per piece
Air fills - US $5
Nitrox - US $10 per tank

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