The Amigos Del Mar dive boats are designed for dive groups of all sizes and types.  We can handle divers and a mix of dive students.  The certified divers go out in groups of four to six, depending on the make-up and skill levels of the divers.  The dive students are limited to four students per instructor, as outlined in the PADI standards.

amigo 1

Amigo I

The Amigo Uno was designed by Amigos Del Mar and custom built for divers. She is our biggest boat and is 31-feet long and 10-feet wide. The 10-feet width provides extra comfort for the scuba divers.

The Amigo Uno is equipped with marine head, lots of shade, and a freshwater shower. The Amigo Uno can comfortably carry ten divers and two dive staff.

amigo 2

Amigo II

The Amigo Dos is our 25-foot fast boat and is custom built with a freshwater shower, cooler, and camera dip tank.  She’s got a big engine and marine electronics to find and reach out of the way adventure sites.

The Amigo Dos is perfect for small private groups of four to six divers and up to two dive guides.

amigo 3

Amigo III

The Amigo Tres is 26-feet long and is wide and stable. This wonderful little boat carries divers to the remote dive sites away from the Bay of San Lucas.  The hidden reefs on the Pacific side, Chileno and Santa Maria Bays, Blue Water Dives, Gordo Banks and much more!

She is equipped with marine head, lots of shade, and a freshwater shower.   The Amigo Tres comfortably holds six scuba divers and one to two dive staff.