Rescue Diver Course Overview

The Rescue Diver Certification is designed for divers who want to broaden their basic rescue skills and learn how to prevent and manage underwater problems and emergencies. It is a combination of knowledge development and rescue exercises wherein you will work closely with your instructor. First and foremost is self-rescue training because it would be difficult to help others if you yourself are in danger. We will also teach you how to recognize and manage the stress of other divers, as well as how to administer first aid. Emergency management and equipment; rescuing panicked divers; and rescuing unresponsive divers are also integral parts of this course.

It’s a physically challenging course but it is fun and rewarding at the same time since it lets you integrate the skills that you’ve learned from earlier courses to make you a more confident and accomplished diver. You will also be more than capable of saving lives by using your knowledge and competence to avert a crisis from happening and solving them when they occur.

You can finish the program in 2-3 consecutive days but if you prefer, we can arrange for you to take the remaining sessions on a later date as long as it falls within 1 year of the first one. We generally assign 4 students per instructor to enable us to focus better on the needs of each individual. This course doesn’t involve dives since the training sessions are done on the local beach shore and near local dive sites. At the end of the course, you will be certified and equipped to handle minor and major dive emergencies as they arise.

Operation: Daily

Duration: 2-3 days

Requirements: At least a PADI Junior Adventure Diver, CPR & First Aid training within 24 months

What to bring with you
We highly recommend that you bring any valid ID and comfortable swimwear with you on the day of the scuba lesson.

Price: US $450

Training materials and equipment

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