whalesharks, dolphins, mobulas
Amigos del Mar – Whalesharks in La Paz Bay

What a fabulous trip we had to La Paz on Saturday!!!

First there were the whalesharks. After the safety briefing – the whalesharks and ours – we put on our snorkel gear and slipped into the water. There had to be al least seven whalesharks. We literally spent over an hour surrounded by these fabulous creatures. But not all at once, because an hour straight would be too much. we were in and out of the boat several times so we could take a breather and be ready to go again.

As we were heading back to shore we came across a pod of dolphins. We had the captain slow the boat, did a quick briefing, slipped back into our gear and slid into the water. I cannot describe the sensation of snorkeling with dolphins in the wild! It is the dolphin’s choice to stay and play or to head out away from the clumsy strangers in the sea. These dolphins were very kind to us and played and frolicked and gave us one of the best experiences in our lives. We were truly blessed on this outing.

But it didn’t stop there. As we, once again, headed into shore – we were surrounded by mobula rays. This time we stayed on the boat and enjoyed the magnificence of the mobulas flying through the air. They would leap out of the water and hang suspended above the sea and then flop back down into the water.

We finally did arrive back at the marina, caught some lunch and headed back to Cabo. And we all agreed – one of our best days ever in the water!!!!!