Hello Again it is Jon from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Nasty weather coming by, hurricane Odile seem to be one of the biggest hurricanes we will get close to us in several years.

Diving will be closed for few days, we are canceling our Scuba Classes in the pool due the weather, remember we will love to take your significant other diving of relatives when you are on vacation in Cabo. Amigos del mar introduces people to the underwater world on daily basis. give it a try, i would.

We had to pull all three boats to ensure that the most comfortable dive boats in Cabo are up and running after hurricane Odile passes by us.

We should be back in the water by wednesday 17 of september low visibility might be spectated but you never know, tropical storms are a blessing,bringing water to a very desert like environment but also a curse, letting lots of local families with out their daily income.

Mother nature Respect and Love. i though on that. When you dive, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.