Or dogs, if you need to be precise.  Manchas, Gringo and Rica are part-time employees of Amigos Del Mar.  They work the morning shift and their job is to greet the customers and to say hi to all the people waling by the store.

Manchas has been working for Amigos Del Mar for over 13 years.  She started at a very early age – 3 months – and even helped us move to the new location back in 2007.  Gringo has been working for coming on 12 years.  He is a lot more mellow than the other two and can’t wait to see who is coming to dive.  He asked that I tell you that he is always available to finish off any leftover food.  Rica is relatively new and has only been with us for 5 yeard.  Rica is still a handful and needs extra special attention or she will be all over the marina greeting everybody that comes to Cabo.

Stop by to say hi to the dive dogs and see how their day is going.  They have a lot of visitors and friends – many of whom just miss their own special families and just need to give a pet and receive a lick or two.