I am the Amigo Tres and right now I am sitting in Yayo’s taller.  Yayo does mechanical work on gasoline engines and he also does fiber glass work.  Every year just about this time, Amigos Del Mar pulls me out of the marina and takes me somewhere so that I can get my annual  face lift.  This year I am getting a basic body overhaul so that I will look fresh and young when I get back in the water.  My engine has been overhauled so that I can make the runs Across the Bay and out to Gordo Banks.  When you are heading an hour out into the Sea of Cortez, you really need to be reliable and Amigos Del Mar makes sure that I am ready to go for the season coming up.  And this year I need a new propeller.

I can’t wait to get back to the marina.  It is great to get the primping and preening.  And I know I need all the check ups that Amigos Del Mar is running me but I miss being where the action is!

Look for me – the Amigo Tres – when you dive with Amigos Del Mar.  And don’t forget Nedel who is my captain.  He also goes by Pelon.