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I have over 500 dives, and I’ve seen all kinds of dive shops. This one is excellent on all levels. HONESTY) They were up-front with me about what to expect from the diving during June. They only highlighted what they were sure to be there, so when the mobulas and torpedo rays showed up, it was an added bonus. SAFETY) We never blew a safety stop. The ascents were slow. We did our surface intervals. When conditions were bad in one area, they went to the effort of finding a safer site to dive. The dive profiles stared deep and went shallower, no bounce dives. RENTALS) I had all of my own equipment, but as a habit I glance at everyone else’s set-up just in case they need help. Everyone else was using the rental equipment, but it looked so good, I didn’t realize that it was rental until the second day. No one had any equipment related troubles. BOATS) Comfortable boats. All giant stride entry with easy, low step to exit point for those who wear fins to exit. If you put your fins on at exit point, the canopy bars came down there to give you something to hold on to while you put your fins on. Easy ladders to re-enter boat with captain or divemaster helping. All of the boats I was on had canopies to provide shade and element protection. The all had a dry area where you could store things to keep from getting wet. CUSTOMER SERVICE) They communicated very well with me, responding promptly to e-mails and phone calls. I dove with Kevin, and he was great. Treated everyone like certified divers. Even when it was obvious we needed to change sites, he took the time to first explain all of the hazards of the conditions and then asked our opinion. He did a great job pointing things out underwater. Everyone, from the boat captain (I had Leo, “the best boat captain in Cabos” 2 days)to office staff were nothing but helpful and friendly. They even tried to help me find a dive company in another city for a day trip I was taking there. Everyone was at least bi-lingual (speak English and Spanish) and I think that at least one was tri-lingual. PRICE) Their prices are right in line with what everyone else charges in Los Cabos. Ask about a cash discount. I was very satisfied with everything about this shop. This is definitely the only dive shop I will use in the Los Cabos area.

Phil R June 6, 2017