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With over 900 species of reef fish, the Sea of Cortez is one of the most spectacular bodies of water on earth. It is known for encounters with large pelagics such as whale sharks, giant mantas, and schooling hammerheads. The Sea of Cortez dive sites offer us abundant reef fish found nowhere else in the world, four-foot stingrays, sea lions, sea turtles, 100 lb. grouper and many other unique experiences.  And let us always remember…..  The Bay of San Lucas is a National Marine Sanctuary so we take only pictures and leave only bubbles.

 Cabo San Lucas Marine Park Sites



Anageda is on the edge of the Submarine Canyon that forms San Lucas Bay. It is a beautiful wall dive to a small sandfall at around 90′. You can see large congregations of big and small tropical and slopes covered with gorgonians and graceful sea fans. It is not uncommon to spot rays and large pelagics swimming out of nearby deeper water. Anegada is also an excellent night dive site.  This is one of our favorite Sea of Cortez dive sites.


Sea Lions at The Point

The Point is at Land’s End where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez  You can see Sea lions, turtles,and on occasion, huge sea bass. Marauding schools of game fish are attracted by large schools of baitfish such as sardines and green jacks. Pelagics such as whale sharks and mantas are also spotted in this area, as well as morays, octopus and tropicals. This Sea of Cortez dive site has an average depth of 60′.


La Larga

La Larga has 60′ to 120′ deep Canyons, where rocky outcrops give way to steep vertical granite walls and rocky ledges at 100′. It is thick with gorgonians and sea fans and you can find octopus, abundant tropicals, schools of barracuda and other pelagics. The largest of the two famous sandfalls begins here at 100′.  This is one of the most popular Sea of Cortez dive sites.


sea-of-cortez-dive-sites The dives Across the Bay are drift dives, where depths are usually 80-90 feet on the first dive and 50-60 feet on the second dive. Across The Bay sites are our specialty and include trips to the more remote Sea of Cortez dive sites and reefs located along the coast from Cabeza de Ballena up past Chileno Bay. Amigos Del Mar has been exploring this area since the summer of 1999 and we have discovered about 20 new dive sites. There are pristine and untouched reefs. We are the only shop that goes Across the Bay on a regular basis. We rarely encounter other dive operations on our trips to these remote Sea of Cortez dive sites.  We have discovered and charted over 20 distinct and different dive sites in the area we call “Across the Bay”!! Less boat traffic means a lot more marine life. While we still dive the five local sites on a daily basis, the areas “Across the Bay” are some of the best of our day diving excursions. And it is the best place to find sea turtles.  It’s time to check out these exclusive Sea of Cortez dive sites.


Picture huge rock formations, winding canyons, walls covered in gorgonians where small nurse sharks and guitarfish sometimes inhabit the area, along with a few large grouper and the occasional bat ray or eagle ray. Pelagics such as Mantas and Whale Sharks have also been spotted here.  You can look forward to spotting some of these when diving the more remote dive sites of the Sea of Cortez.


Cabo Pulmo

Not enough can be said about the Mexican National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo! It’s a diving experience not to be missed. Cabo Pulmo is the only living coral reef on the western coast of North America. It is the most unique marine phenomena in the entire Sea of Cortez. A National Marine Sanctuary, it is protected and preservedand it is rich in marine life and pristine coral. Cabo Pulmo is a 2 hour drive from Cabo San Lucas and is Very Remote and Very Beautiful.  It is one of our very favorite Sea of Cortez dive sites.

Cabo Pulmo Video


Gordo is an amazing experience for advanced divers. Eight miles off the coast of San Jose Del Cabo, the top of this seamount lies under 110′ – 130′ of water. Due to the depth and currents this dive is only for the highly experienced diver.. There is plenty of action in the first few feet of the water column, with whirlpools of jacks, scores of schooling hammerheads, solitary bull sharks, manta rays and even the huge whale sharks encountered by fortunate divers. The cost of the trip includes: 3000 psi aluminum tanks, weights, boat, bilingual certified Divemaster, refreshments.  It is one of our most exciting Sea of Cortez dive sites.

Gordo Banks Video


La Paz Whalesharks

We run two types of trips to La Paz. When the Whale Sharks congregate in La Paz Bay (late October to December), we take groups up to Snorkel with them . . . In the diving season we take our groups to experience the Sealion Rookery at Los Islote, The El Bajo Seamount and when they are there the Mantas at La Reyna.  It is one of the most incredible Sea of Cortez dive sites and snorkel opportunities.


You are 10 miles from shore . . . There is 2000 feet of water under your fin tips, it’s clear water, crystal blue with visibility like drinking water.  You drift in the blue void, weightless, like an astronaut on a spacewalk . . . Suddenly, there’s a shadow; a vague shape at the far limit of your visibility . .



Originating off the Kona Coast of Hawaii and once reserved solely for Marine Scientists . . . Blue Water Diving is defined as diving in the open ocean where the bottom is generally greater than 500 feet deep. At times the Ocean can seem to be an enormous void. But at other times we can encounter marine mammals, sharks and a variety of fishes.  We often encounter strange iridescent jellyfish, which vary from the size of your thumb to bigger than the boat. You have to “keep your head on a swivel” and be ready for whatever swims by.

We Also Offer the PADI DISTINCTIVE SPECIALTY “BLUE WATER DIVER” for an Additional $100.00


You’ve finished a great week of diving with us . . . Your flight is tomorrow and you think it’s a good idea to not dive today . . . What are you going to do with your last day in Cabo? You can lie around the pool at the hotel . . . or . . . you can let us take you out into the desert and show you some of the other beauties of Baja . . . desert-eco-tour

We love the Sea of Cortez but we love the desert too . . . The dichotomy of the rich, blue Sea and the burnt brown desert is part of the unique beauty of Cabo San Lucas . . . So let us take you out and show you what Baja looked like before they started building hotels here. We can go to the waterfalls for a true view of the desert, we could head out to La Candelairia, a ranching village, which has changed very little it the last 100 years, or we could travel up the Pacific side to Todos Santos for folks who enjoy the arts.

6 Hour Desert Tour is $150.00pp; This Includes: Pickup at Your Hotel, Tour with a Bilingual Guide in an Air Conditioned SUV, Lunch and Refreshments.

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