scuba rescue course on the cabo beach

SCUBA Rescue Course on the Cabo Beach.

Amigos Del Mar SCUBA teaches a lot of people to dive. Our latest PADI Rescue Divers just completed their PADI Rescue Course on the Cabo beach in Los Cabos.  We use the Mexican beach, which is the beach located at the end of Marina Boulevard – past the Naval Station.  Cabo locals call it the Mexican beach because it is where the true locals tend to congregate – especially on Sundays.

Amigos Del Mar uses the Mexican beach to set up the required PADI skills to complete the SCUBA Rescue Course.  The dive requirements include responses to a panicked tired and a tired diver.  They must tow a diver to  safety.  They must deal with a distressed diver underwater and they must bring an unconscious diver to the surface.  They also have to locate a missing diver by conducting three different search patterns.

My favorite part of the PADI Rescue Course are the Instructor directed rescue scenarios.  The Instructor gets to create the ‘rescue situation’ and then the Rescue Diver candidate has to respond by assessing the situation, formulating the rescue plan and then put the plan into action.  I especially like playing the part of the unconscious diver.  Just don’t ask me why – because there is no real reason.

Our two current Rescue Diver Candidates are Guillermo and Ruben.  Both of these gentlemen are Mexicans who want a career in the Scuba diving industry.  This is just one step in the process to become a professional dive guide.  Upon completion of their PADI divemaster courses, they will be eligible to guide certified divers on the scuba diving tours.