scuba dive dogs



Everyone that dives with Amigos Del Mar knows about the scuba dive dogs. And a whole lot of people that just walk by the store have had the opportunity to meet and pet the dive dogs – Manchas, Gringo and Rica.  And now, Pato and Andres.

Last Friday was a very sad day for the staff of Amigos Del Mar. We spent the morning saying goodbye to Gringo. But we also had the pleasure of spending over thirteen and a half years with Gringo.

Gringo is now down at the Pedregal Beach with Manchas. Gringo, the most senior of the scuba dive dogs always loved the water and the boat.  He would delight in a day spent diving with Kevin.  The return trip, where he would stand guard on the bow, will always be remembered as he protected the clients from the marauding pelicans.  Gringo especially loved his walks down on the Pedregal beach where he would run in and out of the surf to cool off from chasing the balls we would throw for him.  And now Gringo is spending his eternity in the spot he loved most and next to his best friend in this world.

For those fans that missed it, Manchas was put to rest at the Pedregal Beach just after Hurrican Odile.  And nowManchasand Gringo, the original scuba dive dogs are where they belong – together again.

So to all of those divers that spent some time with the dive dogs – Gringo and Manchas  – say a fond farewell.  And stop in and visit Rica, Pato and Andres, our next generation of scuba dive dogs.