It is one week post-Odile and we are slogging along.  We did have one moment that made all of us – Kevin and I and every staff member of Amigos Del Mar – stop and take a moment.  Manchas the dive dog finally got to the point where we had to take that drastic step.  Manchas had been at Amigos Del Mar for 14 1/2 years.  She was a fixture at the scuba center and went to work almost every day.  She was just a part-time dive dog, because she left for home e3very day about 100 pm – siesta time in Cabo San Lucas.

On Saturday we went for the vet and he came to the house to attend to Manchas.  We then took her to the Pedregal Beach and she is now resting there.  She has a fabulous view of the Pacific and is resting next to her friend Bosun.  It was a very sad moment for kevin and I….and for all of the Amigos Del Mar family.  But Amigos Del Mar still has Gringo and Rica to remind us that there are still dive dogs out there.

One high point of this week – beside being open for business – was that we got electricity.  You cannot imagine what that is like….or how it feels when you lose it or three or four more days.  But it is back and it seems like it is here to stay.

There are other heros in Cabo San Lucas – besides our great staff of dive instructors, dive guides and captains.

The federal government sent in the gendarmeries and the marines.  OMG! – are we safe or what.  They have restored order and sanity to Cabo San Lucas – who very briefly experienced a bit of chaos.  We hope they never leave.  And the workers of CFE – which is the electric company.  Hundreds of people working around the clock to restore electricity to Cabo San Lucas.  They were beyond amazing!

Thanks to all the people – local and otherwise – who have pitched in to help out the folks in Cabo San Lucas.

And now it is time to go scuba diving – we have been open for business for a week!