On September 14 – Cabo San Lucas was paid a visit by Hurricane Odile.  It was a direct hit by a class 3 hurricane.  Many say that it downgraded from a class 4 right before it got here.  We really don’t care what it was because it was bad.

So the dive store was safe and secure.  It took on a little water but there was no damage.  Except to the building that we are in.  Plaza Gali took a hit on the marina side.  Some glass was lost in a few spaces.  But worst for us is that the car elevator was badly damaged.  And – oh no – we had our little black truck up there.  In hindsight – DUH!  It took 17 days – but we finally got it back.  It now lives at the house with us.

We had pulled the Amigo Dos and the Amigo Tres on Friday.  And then the Amigo Uno on Saturday.  We didn’t stop, think, review, consider – we get our boats out of the water when a hurricane is headed our way.  And a good thing – because our part of the marina was destroyed.  But our boats suffered minimal damage.

Monday was regroup day.  Kevin and I drove down to the Pedregal beach to view the damage – and it was bad.  All but one of the beachfront multi-million dollar homes had significant damage.  Odile ripped off hurricane shutters and then took out windows.  One house had the stairs to the beach ripped off of the house and were nowhere to be found.  And the beach itself was about 30 – 40 feet smaller than it started out.

Then we drove past the store and breathed a huge sigh of relief – no damage.

And then through town -we were actually looking for coffee because electricity was something we would all learn to live about.

But on the Tuesday – Amigos Del Mar was open for business.  No, we did not have customers – BUT WE WERE OPEN FOR BUSINESS – time to go scuba diving