The Amigos Tres headed out on Friday with a special charter.  I decided it was time to GET WET again.  And I invted along a friend.  This dive trip served to remind me of what a great crew on the Amigo Tres and at Amigos Del Mar.  Nedel  is just a terrific captain and incredibly helpful with the divers!  And Luis is a very attentive divemaster.  He was incredibly patient with my friend and took the time to make sure she was comfortable during the descent – because it had been 5 or 6 years since she had last been in the water.

Our first dive was at Neptune’s Finger and we got to see two white tipped reef sharks!  Yes – two of them right in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park.  And there were all the usual subjects – plus a gigantic bump headed parrot fish in all his glorious colors.

We then did the Odile tour.  Cabo lost a lot of beach on the marina side of the mountain – Lovers Beach is a pretty small landing patch right now.  But when we headed up the Pacific side – boy…..the devastation.  BUT – the work that has been accomplished is phenomenal.  And they just keep at it – latest opening date is predicted to be November 30, with most of them back in business even earlier than that.  And we got to check out Manchas’ final resting spot from the ocean side.

Our second dive was at The Point and that was where we had the real shock.  The Point was always a 65 feet deep dive – because that was where the sand started.  It is now an 85 foot dive and you can actually see the old shipwreck.  OMG!!!! I could not believe it – 20 feet of sand removed from the bottom of the ocean.

I can’t wait to see what else is out there for all of us lucky divers to discover.