We made of first trip to Gordo banks after hurricane Odile, on the long run to the corridor we got a golds eye view of the damage to the resorts by Odile. All of the hotel have been very busy getting their properties on top shape for the tourist season.

The water was very calm and we have a nice run out to Gordo Banks our entry to the water was a pleasant surprise because the water was 84 degrees at depth. Our first dive was to 110 feet and even at that depth the water was 82 degrees and the visibility was anywhere for 60 to 80 feet.

We saw no real change to the see mount so it seems like hurricane Odile had no real impact on the underwater environment under 100 feet.

Our second dive was a 130 feet but water conditions had changed- the temperature at depth was 79 degrees and we had lost some of the visibility.

It would be great if we could keep the sea life in cages and then release them when we are diving – because the hammerheads where nowhere to be found. Every dive is still a great dive and we saw some bonitos and some jacks and we enjoyed the drifting into the deep blue. Nedel is  pretty great because he kept up with the divers, following us at a close range. Everytime we looked up we could see the bottom of the boat and his spare tank hanging on the side.

There may not have been hammerheads sharks this time but Amigos del Mar already has a trip planned for later this week. The only way to see the big stuff is to get into the water.