It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through June and almost halfway through 2014.  Down here at the bottom of the Baja, we do live in a different time warp.  But even in Cabo San Lucas – time is really passing fast.

This is a much better week than last week ended up.  We are back to diving full time and we have our visibility back!  That is because late last week Cabo had a visit from Cristina.

We are well into hurricane season.  Our second hurricane has already passed us by.  Hurricane Cristina never made it up to Cabo San Lucas – but we definitely felt the weather.  It got hot – it got humid – and the waves really kicked up.  In fact, the port was closed for two and one half days……and all because of the waves breaking on the shore and inside the bay.

But it did not stop us from all diving.  A lot of folks hung in there and waited it out – so Cristina made for a busy weekend of scuba diving.