We are heading into the best part of the dive season!  It came late this year but we are starting to see the ocean temperatures warm up – and the air temperatures are as close to perfect as you can get.

This week we are headed up to Cabo Pulmo – if you have never been there, then you really need to check it out.  Cabo Pullno is a marine park so the fish are not harassed by the fisherman.  And because it is more remote, there are fewer tourists and happier marine life.

We always ask that our divers do a dive in the Cabo San Lucas area before we take them up to Cabo Pulmo.  Cabo Pulmo is a drift dive over a smaller reef, so we want everybody ready to hit the water and enjoy the dive.  What we don’t want is someone that needs to redo their wieghts and check their bouyancy.  We think this is inconsiderate and can even ruin the dive for the others in the boat.

We’ll let you know how Cabo Pulmo goes!!!