It looks like Amigos Del Mar is pseudo-famous in Cabo San Lucas.  We made an appearance in the local gringo newspaper….know as the Gringo Gazette.  And we even made the front page!

There is a saying around town that the Gringo is 20% facts and 80% fiction – and you need to search for the 20%.  In this case, Carrie Duncan did a great job writing the article.  Yes, Amigos Del Mar was the reason – but she did a great job of background info on diving in the sea of cortez and on us in particular.  We were very pleased with the content and the accuracy – so maybe it should be 80% facts and 20% fiction.

So if you haven’t seen it yet – check the local newsstands around town.  Or stop by the store…..I probably have three dozen or so.

So enough of Amigos Del Mar and our fancy award.  The diving is great.  The water is hot and the visibility is good.  It would be hard to get any better.  And all the tropical storms are skating by far to the south of Cabo San Lucas.

Can it get any better!