At Amigos Del Mar SCUBA – SAFETY DOES! COME FIRST. Amigos even has a trusted employee in charge of the safety aspects of our business. We call him our Engineering Manager. He is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of our three scuba diving boats, our scuba equipment, our compressor and even our vehicles.

Amigos Del Mar keeps log books for everything mechanical that the store owns, and some things that aren’t. Because we even have a log book for our tanks. Every regulator and dive tank and BCD has a maintenance record that shows the history of use and repair. Amigos can pull the log and know immediately what has been done in the past to each individual piece of equipment. And the Amigos boat captains maintain notebooks on their boats. So every routine – and some not some routine – issues are logged, dated and signed off by the captain. As an example, if there is an odd noise, and odd smell, or even if a customer makes a comment on the boat or its performance – then the captain logs it and Amigos Del Mar makes sure it is addressed and/or repaired!


The log books don’t stop there. We have an extensive log on our compressor. It notes the hours of use each day, scheduled maintenance and any minor glitch that may come up during the course of use. Nothing is too small or insignificant to write down. Because Amigos Del mar would rather be safe than sorry. Even our trucks and trailers have a documented record of mileage and maintenance.

Amigos Del Mar may be in the SCUBA diving business – but our first and most important business is the safety of our clients and employees. And only then does Amigos Del Mar…..