Online Scuba Programs via PADI eLearning®

If you’re looking for a flexible way to fit a scuba certification into your busy schedule or if you just prefer web based learning, then PADI’s online scuba programs are the way to go. Whether you want to take scuba lessons for beginners or you’re ready to advance your scuba skills training, PADI eLearning is a convenient way to learn. You can get started immediately with scuba knowledge development and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning system.  To sign up for the course that interests you, click on the PADI elearning link:  the PADI website  In the weeks leading up to your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, you can  complete the various course modules on-line at your leisure. Once you arrive here in Cabo we can complete the Confined Water (swimming pool) portion of your PADI elearning course and then finish up your certification in the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

Here are just a few of the PADI elearning courses available to you and their costs:



When you get to Cabo San Lucas Amigos Del Mar will complete your Open water Certification with a Review of your PADI eLearning sessions, Skills Development in the swimming pool and two days of diving in the Ocean. The cost of completing your certification is $375.00 which includes all of the above.



The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course online segment includes knowledge development for the two required topics; the Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives, along with five of the most popular elective dives. The entire PADI Adventures in Diving manual (complete with all Adventure Dive possibilities) will be available online to divers enrolled in the course. When you arrive in Cabo we’ll review your PADI elearning class work and then we’ll go diving, experiencing the actual material in the water where it counts. The cost of completing your certification is $285.00.



Amigos Del Mar will charge an additional fee for participation in the Practical Application session and predive simulations. The cost for completing your Enriched Air Certification is $75.00.



The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course Online includes all the knowledge development requirements for the course. If you want to take digital photos and video underwater this course will give you the basics. When you arrive in Cabo San Lucas Amigos Del Mar will finish your certification with a PADI elearning class review, 2 photo dives and post dive critique. The charge for this is $150.00

* Price paid to PADI

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