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So the first question is “What’s a PADI?”  PADI stands for Professional Association of Dive Instructors and is the largest scuba diving licensing and marketing operation in the world.  More than 80% of the licensed scuba divers in the world are certified through PADI.  Their instructional programs are recognized worldwide for their training standards and their safety practices.

Robert Sievens, Regional Manager-Latin America, came to Cabo San Lucas from the PADI offices in San Diego to present a special recognition award to Amigos Del Mar. Amigos Del Mar has been affiliated with the PADI organization for TWENTY FIVE years.  PADI sent a representative to congratulate Amigos Del Mar on their successful and safe dive operation and to present them with a trophy to acknowledge their long standing relationship.
Amigos Del Mar takes people diving and teaches people how to dive. They have a variety of training programs for recreational divers and those that want to pursue diving as a profession.  Amigos Del Mar has eight instructors on staff and seven divemasters.  They also provide the instructors for the premier liveaboard dive boat that takes people on eight day dive trips to Socorro Island and five day trips to Guadalupe to dive with the great white sharks.  You might think their business is diving but Amigos Del Mar says their business is providing people with a safe and fun ‘good time.’
Non-divers do not realize that July really is a good time of year Cabo – because the best diving in the Sea of Cortez takes place in the summer and fall.  Sometime in June, the water starts to warm up and the visibility improves.  By mid-July, we start the best part of the dive season.  And the diving is great through November-December.  You would be amazed at the variety and quantity of marine life that is underneath all those boats.

In the summer/fall season, you can expect to see eels, mobula and sting rays, sea horses, schooling bait balls – and there are many days when you just never know what is going to pass by.
Kevin Colter and Jane Garling have been the ‘face’ behind Amigos Del Mar for the last fifteen years.  Kevin runs the day-to-day operation and Jane handles the business end of things  Together they have expanded the business base of Amigos Del Mar while maintaining the quality service and safety levels that are essential to a successful scuba diving operation.


Amigos Del Mar has been around even longer than twenty five years.  Jose Luis Sanchez showed up in Cabo San Lucas in the late 70’s with his marine biology degree.  He not only opened up Amigos Del Mar, he is the individual responsible for introducing recreational diving to Cabo San Lucas.  But all good things come to an end, so in 1999 he took on Jane and Kevin as partners.  Since their arrival, the company has grown in size, upgraded the boats and equipment and is still promoting and selling recreational scuba diving to divers around the world.  So when you add it all up, Amigos Del Mar has been showing people a good time for thirty six years.


Amigos Del Mar goes scuba diving almost every day of the year.  The exceptions are Christmas and New Years Day, because there are certain days that everyone should spend with their family.  You can spot one of the three Amigos boats in the mouth of the bay every day.  You might spot the other two in the corridor at Chileno Bay or Santa Maria; or maybe out at Gordo Banks or Jamie Banks. And sometimes they head further out since there are regularly scheduled trips to the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park or up to LaPaz to snorkel with the whale sharks. There are some amazing photos posted on their website – – or check out their facebook page – And for the really old timers out there, there is a Gringo Yellow Pages that features Kevin’s underwater photos as the backdrop to the introductory pages.
If you want to try out scuba or learn more about diving drop by the Gali Plaza and visit with Amigos Del Mar or give them a call at 143-0505.  You can also reach them on their US number at 513-898-0547…..they just can’t get away from that Ohio thing.