So what is up with the Amigos Dos?  It hasn’t been spotted in the marina lately.  That’s right, because it is the time for the Amigo Dos annual overhaul.

The Amigos Dos went over to Yayo’s yard to get its annual facelift and engine overhaul.  The engines are what keeps our business running and we take very good care of them.  And our customers appreciate a well-maintained boat, so we make every effort to keep them that way – by repairing the fiberglass and any and all aesthetic imperfections.

Right now the Amigo Dos is in our cochero – that would be driveway to all you Gringos – waiting for Coco to finish up his vacation.  As soon as he’s back, we will put on the bottom paint and the Amigos Dos goes back to the Sea of Cortez and her home in the Cabo San Lucas marina.