Mother and Calf
Mother and Calf

We were very fortunate to spend all day with the humpback whale family and the dolphins while diving and snorkeling. The next day we were witness of Mother Nature, a pair of orcas attacked the baby humpback whale. This happened 20 minutes after we finished our dive, we were on the zodiac picking up the last diver on Roca Partida. We heard how the mother whale was crying and breathing nervously, it seemed like she was trying to save her calf. The orcas bit the baby whale and saw a big amount of blood flow out of his body; it was an indescribable smell like blood and oil woow so impressing.

Particularly I felt anger, adrenaline and sadness to see how the orcas took the baby whale away from her mother, dragging her away from Roca Partida, we followed them, the calf still alive raised up to breath, the orcas kept on dragging him away trying to drown him, at one moment the calf rose up to surface to breathe and that was the last breath he took because he never made it back to surface. We were able to put the cameras underwater from the zodiac and we took footage of how they started to peel the calf’s skin and started to eat him, while the orcas went up to breathe at surface the Silkies sharks bit the calf and when the orcas came back the sharks moved away, nature is cruel and wise.

Wow we were all surprised; we could not believe what happened. When we got back to the Solmar V we were all in shock, we saw videos that we took, luckily I recorded the moment when the orcas attacked the calf at surface and also when they were eating him underwater.

This is my story being aboard on the Solmar V. You can see my videos on you tube as Luis Bringas =)

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