We are heading into the slowest part of the season for the scuba diving business in Cabo.  Easter was early this year and is long over……And all of the spring breakers have made it back home.  So there is a lull in May while everyone waits for the Memorial Day holiday and for the schools to let out.

So what do we do in this part of the season?  Now is when we focus on equipment maintenance and repair.  We are pulling all of our scuba tanks and doing the VIP’s and hydros.  Even though we fill our own tanks, we believe it is critical that our tanks are inspected and maintained at an ‘excellent’ level.  And then we strip the paint and ‘gussy them up’ with a new face lift.

Our parts order should arrive any day now, so then we can start the dive regulator repairs and replace the ‘o’ rings on the tanks.  And then there are wetsuit inspections and repairs.  Then we can decide on the order for the new wetsuits for the upcoming dive season.

Sometimes I think that we are busier in the ‘slower’ times than we are when we are diving mornings and afternoons all week long!