Not only did we celebrate with green beer, Cabo hosted an Ironman Triathalon Competition.  Cabo was selected as a regional competition site.  And it was the whole deal with the 2 1/2 miles of swimming, the 100+ miles of bicycling and then they ran a marathon.  They are TRULY Ironmen and Ironwomen.  The top finishers qualified for the national competition in Kona Hawaii.

So who do you think the Ironman committee selected as the dive shop to offer rescue support for the swimming segment?  That’s right – it was none other than AMIGOS DEL MAR.  Jonathan, Jorge, Luis and Shaggy headed up to Palmilla at 4:00 am in the morning!  They were closing down access so it was a very early start for the support divers.  Each of the four guys was assigned a support station with the job of keeping a close watch on the divers as they passed their stations.  They spent anywhere from one hour to one and a half hours in the water making sure they everything came off without a hitch.

The swimming is always the first leg of the triathalon competion, so they wrapped up the swimming segment by 9:00 am.  The guys packed up their gear and then enjoyed part of the show.  They were finally allowed to leave the area at 10:00 am and made it back to Cabo by 1100 am.  Then off t bed for a well deserved siesta.