The spring breakers are all back in school and the Easter break is over.  So we’re now inot our ‘winter’ season.  Yes the air temp’s are perfect but the water temp’s are on the cold side.  We’re diving in 7 mil wetsuits.  This is the end of whale season, which means a lot of plankton.  But we have had surprisingly good visibility this year.

This is a good time for employee vacations.  Leo, hte captain of the Amigo Uno, has already taken some time off to go to LaPaz to visit family.  Coco , the capatin of the Amigos Dos, will be taking some time later this month.  Coco and Cece – his wife – own a hot dog cart, so he will have a very busy vacation getting their new business venture off the ground.

And Kevin is heading for the States for 12 days.  He is starting in norther California and then spending most of the time in the northern New Mexico area.

But the rest of us are in Cabo and diving every day!