across the bay ecotour

Amigos Del Mar SCUBA takes divers on Across the Bay ecotours two to three times a week, and sometimes even four.  When we head out on an Across the Bay ecotour, we leave the mouth of the San Lucas Bay and head north and slightly east.  This is about an eight mile trip and takes about thirty minutes to get there. If you want to place it against the highway, we end up in the Santa Maria and Chileno area.

There are more than a dozen dive sites to select from when divers go out to explore a Cabo destination dive site.  We love to make this dive trip  because it is a completely different underwater environment from the local dives in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. Across the Bay has a sand based bottom with some vegetation and limited reef formation.  It has an average depth of 50 to 60 feet and in some spots is as deep as 90 feet.

Besides the reef formation, there’s a better chance to spot a variety of rays. We can spot Diamond stingrays. Electric Rays, Butterfly California rays, as well as a few other species. And the Across the Bay ecotour is the spot where we are most likely to find free swimming turtles.
During the winter months we have the added bonus of spotting whales and their babies in the ocean as we traverse the bay. And someday we know we’re going to be surprised by whales swimming underwater.

It’s not hard to understand why would love to go Across the  Bay and scuba dive in the corridor area.