So we have shoveled glass, pulled out trees by the roots – actually that is a REALLY tough job, cleaned up debris, squeegeed water from tile floors, got cisterns working, hunted down potable water, stood in line for gasoline.  You name it and one of the staff of Amigos Del Mar has probably done it.  They were heros… their actions and in their attitudes.  Never once did we hear a…this is too hard…..this is not part of my job description…..why do I have to do this kind of work.  What we heard was – THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US WORKING.  We couldn’t ask for a better group.

But it is time to get back to the business of diving.  So there are no customers or even tourists in Cabo San Lucas.  We are notgoing to let that stop us.  We are spiffing up the boats, doing maintenance on the equipment and tanks, cleaning the store – you name it; we were doing whatever it took.

One thing we had to address was that the dock space for the three dive boats was demolished.  And I do mean demolished.  So the hunt was on for a dock space for at least one of the boats.  Amigo Tres came through without a speck of damage – so she would be in the water first.  Ad finally – success.  We found an available space.  But all of a sudden the price started climbing – yes, we did find one person that was doing the price-gouging game.  So we said no thanks and kept on looking.

And we did find one and Amigo Tres is back in the water.

Ironically – our first paying clients were commercial divers.  They needed to check out the intake valve of a desal operation in the Corridor between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose.  The truck was still stuck on the roof of the Gali Plaza, so we loaded up Shaggy’s car with equipment and sent him off to Chileno to lead the dive for the commercial divers.


And nobody takes out our dive equipment with an Amigos Del Mar staff member leading the dive.