Here we are in Cabo – without electricity, without gasoline, with the food in or refrigerators and homes, without propane.  But, by God, we had telephone, cell service and internet.  That is….you had telephone service if you had a slimline phone.  If you’re phone plugged into the electric to charge the battery – then you were out of luck.  If you had a smart phone with a data plan – then you could get on-line.  Until your battery went dead.

So we two lost a lot of their windows.  But at least they could communicate and get on-the-spot info and updates.  So I dug out the old slimline from the bodega and started calling the neighbors to give them the good news.  Two had no damage and two lost a lot of windows.  But at least they had updates and on-the-spot info.  That was more than most.  I am afraid to see my Telmex bill.

So how did we do.  Odile blew the terrace doors about 1000 pm.  And we ran upstairs and held them close….and closed….and closed.  It was actually a hard fought battle – but we won.  Odile will claim we cheated because we kept throwing furniture in between us and the doors.  But we beat Odile.  So what does that mean – we did not lose everything in the upstairs of our home.  So the three hour battle was worth it.

And how did our employees do…..we went from one with no damage whatsoever!  and one who lost their home!!  But we are ALL slowly pulling ourselves back together.  And prepearing ourselves to get back in the business of SCUBA DIVING.  Sea of Cortez – here we come.