Amigos Del Mar is opening its doors every day.  Instructors are back in the hotel pools giving Discover Scuba lessons, the Amigo Tres is in the water and Amigos Del Mar is taking out divers.  The hotels have a low occupancy rate this first week – but our hats are off to Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco- because they too are open for business.  And it looks like next week is really going to pick up.

The water is pretty fantastic!  The fish are still down there and the fans and vegetation did not get washed away.  The Amigos dive guides and instructors still need to hunt up the seahorses.  They homes were relocated to a different part of the bay and we need to send out the welcome wagon and search out the new hiding places.

Cabo is coming back to life.  The first international flight arrives Wednesday.  Everybody in Cabo is looking forward to the tourists coming back to visit our fabulous location, our beautiful beaches and our fantastic resort.