Amigos Del Mar is back in full swing  And Cabo San Lucas is back in business – with the tourists returning and happy to get the chance to experience Cabo San Lucas.

The Amigos Tres and the Amigos Dos are both back in the water and taking divers out every day.  We are doing trips to Gordo Banks, Cabo Pulmo and La Paz.  So it is Business As Usual!

Amigos Del mar had our first trip to La Paz late last week to snorkel with the whale sharks – and it was beyond unbelievable!!  The gentle giants in the bay of La Paz are nothing short of spectacular.  Since we are visitors to their feeding grounds, we are very respectful of their territory and rights – that is the reason we snorkel only.  And we do not touch.  In return they glide by within inches of us and allow us to enjoy the full beauty of their being.  This is an experience you will never forget.

But this last trip Amigos Del Mar had an extra special bonus.  The dolphins decided to come out and play.  it is a true and rare treat to swim with dolphins inn the wild.  They frolic and roll and spout water and just want to show you a good time.  Very few experiences compare to swimming with the dolphins in the wild – except maybe snorkeling with whale sharks.