What a great week we’re having at Amigos Del Mar.  Yes, we saw another  whale shark!  This was a juvenile and only about 12 feet long.  Wonder where mama was?  The sighting was near The Point in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park.  And the lucky tourists were on a snorkel tour.

It really is true – you never know what you will see when you get in the water.

We also had a visitor from the Cancun area.  She really loved our diving – because no matter where you look, there are always a lot of fish to see.  We all agreed that the Caribbean gets their color from the underwater vegetation, but in Cabo San Lucas – we get our color from the marine life.

And this week, we even had a rain, which is very unusual for Cabo this time of year.  It did not last for more than 20 minutes, but a lot of rain came down.  And certainly not enough to effect the diving.