The holiday week seemed to happen this week.  We had a lot of people visiting Cabo San Lucas – and celebrating the 4th.  The fireworks were just great! last Friday night.

The water is finally warming up.  The Sea of Cortez is very unpredictable in June and July – but it seems like it is starting to make up its mind.  It would bounce into the 80’s and then on the next day it was back in the mid-70’s.  But it seems like it is finally settling between 78 – 83 degrees.

We had a visitor from Cabo Pulmo this Friday.  He is a marine biologist and research scientist studying the reefs in Cabo Pulmo and how best to protect it and maintain its pristine condition.  Turns out that he was one of the individuals instrumental in getting the HUGE proposed development in the Cabo Pulmo area overturned – because of the environmental impact to the area.  We gave him a big thanks and free diving the next time he visits us in Cabo Pulmo!