This seems to be the week it has really rained.  Cabo San Lucas started with rain last Thursday, Friday,Saturday and a little bit on Sunday.  So then we all breathed a sigh of relief – because there was no real storm – and got back to the business of scuba diving.

And then there was Wednesday.  A small pacific disturbance turned into a tropical storm off of Mexico in a matter of hours.  And, OMG, they named it Julietta.  The good news was it came in fast and never once stopped.  Maybe a half hour of big wind and a 1 minute loss of electricity.

Amigos Del Mar is always very cautious with our boats.  We had just completed the overhaul of our big truck.  So it was back in action – pulling out the Amigo Dos and the Amigo Tres.  And with the second truck, we saved loads of time by being able to stage the trailers.  Amigos would rather they weather out these storms on land and we can do this just by planning ahead.  Then the Amigo Uno went to spend the night in the depths of the marina.

So now we just have more rain.  Let’s hope this is the last of it for a while!