So here we are talking about the weather – again.  Marie is well off shore but still we see the effects way over here in the Sea of Cortez.  The surge around Pleican Rock, Neptune’s Finger and the Point is pretty unbelievable. Marie also makes Cabo Pulmo and Gordo Banks a definite no-go.

So what do we do when a hurricane is off-shore or headed our way.  We used Marie as a reason to practice basic boat evacuation.  e check our trailer – especially the tires – and head down to the marina.  We always carry a tank of air in case we need a quick tire refill.  The Amigo Dos ususally comes first….out of the marina, onto the trailer, then off to vacation in Pedregal – just like a lot of you tourists.  Then next comes the Amigo Tres – also vacationing in Pedregal – because it is close and that is where we live.  So we can.

The Amigo Uno is a bigger decision because it is a larger and much heavier boat.  The surge was so high, we chose to pull it as well.  The Uno goes into the Pedregal park because we don’t want to haul it up the hill.

Then during the bad weather, we take the opportunity to clean the bottoms and any mechanical work that needs to be done.  And then we reverse the process and they all head back to the marina.  So now we are set to go the next time there is a major storm headed our way.

So now we are back to the business of diving!