desert adventure eco-tour
waterfall outside of santiago

So how do you get from the water to the sand?  You do it by experiencing the Amigos Del Mar Desert Adventure Eco Tour

Amigos Del Mar is a specialty scuba diving provider. We offer tours in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, across the bay at Santa Maria and Chileno, and then there are the adventure trips. You can scuba at the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, do advanced diving while looking for hammerheads at Gordo Banks, or snorkel with the whale sharks in La Paz. And if you decide you’re ready for a change of pace – then you can take a desert tour up to Santiago.

Amigos Del Mar heads for the desert 2 to 3 times a month. A lot of our guests like to see the other side of Cabo. We grab a car and we head northeast to a little town called Santiago. We’re not sure what the population is but we’re pretty sure it’s less than 1000 people.

On the drive north you have two distinctly different views. On your right hand side are incredible vistas of the sea of Cortez, ofttimes with the surf crashing into this shore. On the left hand side there is sand and cactus. And boy do we have a lot of cactus. And interspersed throughout the drive are the various resorts. Once we clear San Jose, we really get into the rustic Mexico that most tourists never see. We pass through several small town on our adventure, but eventually end up at Santiago.

What we love most about Santiago is the waterfall. You pass from the desert area into a spot that almost looks like an oasis. At this time a year there are quite a large variety of floral life You see choya cactus, pithaya, cardon cactus – all in flower- and an amazing variety of birds. And the waterfall is incredible. And you get to swim in the pool and play under the waterfall.

After playing in the water, can you load up and head over to Cabo Pulmo for lunch. We could go on and on about Cabo Pulmo, but we will do that in a different blog.