hurricane blanca has left cabo san lucas


It’s time for Amigos Del Mar to get back to the scuba business – now that Hurricane Blanca has left Cabo San Lucas and headed north to California Alta – that is the U.S. portion of California, for all of you Gringos. out there.  There are always hurricanes and tropical storms forming sown the coast of Central America at this time of year.  They usually form into a storm and then develop into a hurricane and head for the Socorro Islands.  They pass over the top of Socorro and then head left.  As stated – this is the norm.

The water at depth is unseasonably warm in the Los Cabos area this year – even warmer than last year, which we thought could be a record.  Since the hurricanes follow the track of warm water – as soon as they hit cold water, they veer off to follow the warm water track.  Ergo Hawaii and parts west.  But this year, the water temps are already in the high 70’s, so there is no cold water to direct the storms into the left turn.  And to make it even more difficult – there is a track of cold water running a few hundred miles offshore from Alta California down through Baja California.  So when the hurricanes tried to head west – they hit the bar of cold water and bounce back toward land.

But at least Los Cabos is just cold enough to keep the storms out at sea – rather than the direct hit like Hurricane Odile in September 2014.

The Los Cabos water is not going to get noticeably colder.  So the best we Cabenos can hope for is that the cold water offshore the coasts of the three Californias just takes a hike – and lets the storms head out into the Pacific.



PADI 10 Year Achievement Award


PADI 10 Year Achievement Award

Scuba Diving is not just about diving and getting wet – it’s also about people.  Jonathan Vegas has just received his PADI 10 year recognition award.  Jonathan has been active in the diving industry for fourteen years and has been working at Amigos Del Mar SCUBA for seven of those ten years.

Jonathan started out as a dogsbody working at a dive store filling tanks and doing general errands.  He learned about boats and worked as a captain.  Once he taught himself English, he got his divemaster license and then he went on to complete his IDC, or instructors training in Akumal, Mexico. On his return to Cabo, started out as an instructor in 2005 and worked with us for one year.  He and his family then took a two year sabbatical to Japan.  Odd choice for an escape, but not when you realize his wife is Japanese.

After returning to Mexico, Jonathan started up as an instructor.  After a short time, he agreed to accept the responsibility for outside sales with the hotels, as well as his diving responsibilities.  And then in 2013, Jonathan took the plunge and started a Management training position with the ultimate goal of running Amigos Del Mar.  And in 2014 Jonathan officially took over as Manager as Amigos Del Mar.

Jonathan has no plans to leave the dive industry.  Today his responsibilities include more paperwork than water – but we insist that he still gets wet.  He is a certified nitrox instructor and also teaches our underwater photography classes.  Jonathan wants to broaden his photography skills and pursue technical diving – in his spare time.


Diving Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas


Diving Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas Marine Park

The Amigo Uno was scheduled to start the dive day by diving Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. Amigos Del Mar had a mixed group of divers going out on the Amigo Uno. The group consisted of eight people, six of whom were certified and two were making their first dive ever. They may be on the same boat but we split the groups up so they are enjoying two entirely different experiences.

Luis got his group of experienced divers ready and then they stepped off the dive platform and started their scuba experience by diving Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. Todays group saw a variety of fish, including snappers, groupers, Moorish idols, parrot fish – to name a few. They also saw the green moray eels. it is almost impossible to dive in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park without seeing a green moray eel. Their second dive was at The Point – where we have the best opportunity to play with the sea lions.

The non-certified divers were escorted by Karen – a newly certified PADI instructor. They have already seen a safety video, but Karen still takes them through an extensive briefing and then gets them suited up and ready to enter the water. And then the dive starts!. The first step is to get them comfortable with their gear while on the surface of the water. And then they gradually submerge and wait to see what comes across their path. The instructor will point out various marine life – but their primary function is the safety of their charges. At the completion of the dive, they ascend together and, after the safety stop, enter the boat. And then they re-experience the dive as they review the experience while onboard.

What a great way to enjoy your vacation!

SCUBA DIVING IN CABO – Week of April 8

The spring breakers are all back in school and the Easter break is over.  So we’re now inot our ‘winter’ season.  Yes the air temp’s are perfect but the water temp’s are on the cold side.  We’re diving in 7 mil wetsuits.  This is the end of whale season, which means a lot of plankton.  But we have had surprisingly good visibility this year.

This is a good time for employee vacations.  Leo, hte captain of the Amigo Uno, has already taken some time off to go to LaPaz to visit family.  Coco , the capatin of the Amigos Dos, will be taking some time later this month.  Coco and Cece – his wife – own a hot dog cart, so he will have a very busy vacation getting their new business venture off the ground.

And Kevin is heading for the States for 12 days.  He is starting in norther California and then spending most of the time in the northern New Mexico area.

But the rest of us are in Cabo and diving every day!