night dive with amigos del mar

Let’s talk about Cabo San Lucas Night Dive. Last Thursday evening, Luis and two drivers went  on a night dive with Amigos Del Mar in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park. Annette and Rob had been diving with Amigos Del Mar all week. We normally require a minimum of four people for a specialty dive – but we always take care of our good customers.

The check in for the night dive is 6:45 pm.  After we get Annette and Rob signed in we head down to the marina and the dive boat. At about 7:10 pm there was just a very little bit of light in the sky and so that’s when we headed down into the water.

After the first 10 minutes in the water the sun had finished setting and it was pitch black 50 feet down.  The first thing we spotted were the sleeping parrotfish. And no, we did not wake them up.  Our next encounter was when two white tip reef sharks cruised past us. You never know what you’ll find when you goon a night dive with Amigos Del Mar.

Of course, we saw spiny lobster and slipper lobsters. Too bad it is a Marine Park and we only take pictures but NEVER touch. They really look like they would’ve tasted good.  As we flashed our lights into the dark we could pick up the red light from the eyes of the crustaceans. That’s how we find the lobsters.  You flick your light on, then flick it off and look for the red spots. We also picked up some crabs and shrimp eyes that way.

The water was 76 degrees and the visibility, with our lights on, was about 40 feet. That’s actually pretty good for a night dive.  And for the finale, Luis, Annette and Rob swirled their hands through the water and created their own light show with the phosphorescence they created.

The fun times are one more reason to go on a night dive with Amigos Del Mar.

cabo san lucas night dive with amigos del mar