Luis always has a smile on his face, a cheerful word and usually a joke to tell.  You will recognize him because he just can’t keep from being happy.  Luis has been working for us for over three years.  He was originally employed by a competitor, but when they ‘restructured their personnel’, Luis opted for greener pastures.

Luis’ primary responsibilities are guiding clients to the different spots in the Cabo area.  He is our primary guide for Gordo Banks – which is where we are going to find the hammerheads.  This means early mornings and long days whenever we head out to Gordo.  But it is well worth it, especially when the hammerheads are schooling.

Luis also takes a lot of clients up to visit Cabo Pulmo – the only living coral reef in the northern pacific.  Last time Luis was in Cabo Pulmo – OMG! – they saw the bull sharks.  You just never know what is going to wander by when you drop into the water.  Especially when you are diving in the Sea of Cortez.

And Luis also takes the uninitiated on their first resort dive.  Luis teaches a lot of Discover Scuba classes, where the student watches a video, Luis fits the dive gear, then does the briefing on the boat before they enter the shallow water in a protected area to practice their skills.  And then Luis takes them on the dive.  Think back to your first dive and you will remember what a great experience it is the first time you ‘got wet’.