We’re going to take a little time and tell you about how Amigos Del Mar runs the business.  Key to our success are our employees.  Just ask anyone that has dove with us.  This first post will be about Jonathan Vega – manager of Amigos Del Mar.  But how did he get there?

Jonathan has worked for us – twice.  Jon was a dive guide for several years, but then decided to take an extended period off.  Jon, his wife and baby first took a vacation in Playa del Carmen and then they were off to Japan.  After about a year +, they came back to Cabo and we at Amigos Del Mar welcomed Jon back with open arms.

Jonathan started back up as a dive guide and took on the added responsibility of outside sales.  He’s the guy that visits the hotels and maintains our existing contracts and relationships and looks for new business.  After several years of this, Jon was offered the manager’s slot.  But it came with a big if.  Jon would spend a year acting as the Assistant Manager – and then if all went well on both sides then Jon would take over as the manager of Amigos Del Mar.

So Jon’s official start date as the Manager was Jan 1, 2014.  After six months – we are all pleased with the results.  Jon has a staff of 15 people that work directly for Amigos Del Mar and another three dive guides that work for Solmar V – the premier liveaboard scuba diving boat in Cabo San Lucas, with extended trips to the Socorro Islands and Guadalupe for the great white shark diving.

It takes a lot to keep a scuba diving operation of our size running smoothly.  It’s not just the employees, it is also the suppliers – but most important of all-                               -IT’S THE CUSTOMERS.

Jon’s primary responsibility is to make sure that each and every person that walks into Amigos Del Mar has a GREAT! experience while they are diving with Amigos.

Jon has a lot of help in making this happen – so next we will introduce you to Ishmael.