Leo has been working for Amigos Del Mar for just over seven years.  Leo is the captain of Amigo Uno – one of the most comfortable dive boats in Cabo San Lucas.  Amigo Uno is 31 feet long, but more importantly, it is 10 feet wide.  Which gives us plenty of room to accommodate divers.  The Amigo Uno was designed by Kevin to incorporate all the features we like to see in dive boats.

Leo is responsible for not just his boat, but most important – he is responsible for your safety while you are diving as well as when you are in the boat.  Leo keeps a sharp eye out while you are under the water.  He is tracking your progress by your bubbles and he is monitoring boat traffic to ensure that no other boats impinge on the divers while they are in the water.

Leo also helps around Amigos Del Mar with general errands.  At times, he drives the other staff to the pools for the Discover Scuba sessions; sometimes he is out running errands that keep the store going – like paying bills, buying water or whatever is needed on any given day.  And he even pitches in to help clean Amigos Del Mar – so that our customers always see us looking sharp and professional.

Don’t forget to say hi to Leo next time you’re in Cabo.